November 08, 2018

CDYC 2018

This morning I got up, and packed as quickly as I could. I put all my stuff next to the door, and then went to school for 1st hour and about 5 minutes of 2nd hour. Then, I went outside, and met Ben, Mya, and Chloe and we went into DL where we met the rest of our group. We loaded up into the van, and then we stopped in Moorhead to have lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. We kept driving after lunch, and then made it to Inwood Iowa eventually, after driving 25 on the interstate because of a blizzard. We had pizza for dinner, and then after a bunch of ice breaker games and hanging out with all of our friends from last year, we went to bed around 11.  

Mya, Johnna, Chloe, Tristan, Ben, Karri, Ron, Tobias, Me, and Bradly