November 06, 2018 

Back To School

It was hard getting up again at 6:30 this morning to go back to school after a 3-day weekend, but I somehow did it. I had Bible study before school, and then all my classes went well. After school, Dad and Grandpa picked me up, and then I went home and had some pizza before doing a photoshoot for a client, who wanted pictures of her kids, for which the profits went to support Speed the Light. After I finished the photos, I hopped in the car and accidentally drove into the ditch, and then drove back out and went to work at Taco John's, where I was covering a shift for Morganne. Work went pretty quickly, and then afterwards, I got a free Nachos and Cheese as it was National Nacho Day, and then almost drove into the Burger King sign as I'm not used to driving in snow. I decided to go visit Matti who works at BK since I was already basically there, and so I pestered her for a little while before going home, eating some more pizza, and then getting to work editing the photos from the day.