November 02, 2018 

Homeschool Ice Skating

I made it to school today about 10 minutes before class, and then had a history unit exam first hour, which I think I did pretty well on. Then, half way through 4th hour (which is one of my open hours), I left and went home and picked up Jana. We drove into DL and had lunch at Taco John's, and then we went over to the ice arena and took advantage of the free ice skating for homeschoolers. I eventually had to leave, and I made it back to school in time for my College Algebra test, which didn't seem to go as well. After school, I swung by home, then went into town and worked on my Pre-Solo exam for flight school, and then I worked until about 8:20 at Taco Johns before going over to Grandpa and Nana's where I stayed the night.  

The view from the Taco John's parking lot