October 28, 2018 

Gail came to visit

This morning I got woken up by Dad, and thinking that we most likely had to leave in a few minutes, I hurried to get ready for church without checking the time; only to find out upstairs, that I actually could have slept almost another hour before getting ready. We went to church, and it was cool, and then after church, we went home. I grabbed a quick lunch of chips, and then I went over to Jeremy and Sherri's where I picked up Steven. We drove into Detroit Lakes and found him some ice skates at the Boys and Girls club, and then we went and met Codie at the Kent Freeman arena where we skated for about a half hour. After Steven was all tired, he wanted to watch me skate, so I went out and did some tricks on the ice with Neil (who was there with Isaac, Eli, and Aiden) and then we went over to Dairy Queen to get some ice cream before I dropped him back off with Jeremy and Sherri. I went home, where it turned out the Waller's had come to visit, as they had just moved back from Maine. We visited with them for awhile, and then Thad came to visit, and then we went over to Grandpa and Nana's where Gail had come to visit. We hung out there and talked and visited until about 8:40, and then we made our way home. 

Despite his facial expressions, Steven said he loved skating