October 23, 2018 

Give the People Their Tacos

This morning I got up and went to school for Bible study, pretty early, but someone hadn't put fuel in the car so I was hardly able to make it to the gas station to get gas. I also saw Alex Brained there and so I said hi to him. School went great except for the internet breaking half the day, and then after school, I ran home, changed, and went into town for work. I didn't have to be at work for awhile, so I went and got some new shoes at Payless, then went to MState and got a renewed student ID, and then I finished up by going to the DLCCC and figuring out my free student membership to the pool and gym. After that, I went to work where I had to watch a bunch of training videos about dealing with hangry customers, and then I got trained in by a girl named Morganne, and I learned how to do all the stuffs. After work, I went home and worked on my computer a little before bed, almost getting killed by the skunk smell outside the house.