October 22, 2018 

They Stabbed Me

This morning was horrible and I had to get up early again and go to school and I didn't like it at all. Dad drove us to school at 8AM, just in time to make it to class at 8:20. School went well, and then as soon as classes were over, Dad and Jana picked me up, and after making sure Tevia got to her first day of Basketball practice, we went home so I could grab some things, and then we went into Detroit Lakes so I could go to the dentist. They stabbed me with needles and shot me full of novocaine, and then I had a filling in the back on each side on the top. It took about 3 minutes per side, and I was out of there in less than a half hour. We stopped by Country Kitchen so that I could drop off my notice of resignation, and then we went and picked up Tevia from practice. Nana was coming over for dinner, so we had to clean a little, and then we had roast and potatoes with New York Pear crisp dessert. I worked on my computer for a while after dinner, and then went to bed.  


Mom, Nana, and Dad playing a post-supper game of Take-Two