October 21, 2018

Church in Chicago

This morning we got up and had an absolutely fabulous breakfast at the Comfort Inn & Suites, with everything front donuts to waffles to sausages. After breakfast we hit the road with our goal to be in Chicago by 10:30 for church. I was allowed to choose the church, so we went to a very cool and trendy church called City Church Chicago, which is a part of the Hillsong Family. The service was great, and then afterwards we drove down the road a little until we stopped at a Walmart for unknown reasons. We got back on the road, and it was Jana's turn to drive, which meant we probably wouldn't survive the trip. Somehow she didn't kill us, and we kept driving until it was my turn, and then I drove till about an hour past the Wisconsin Dells where we stopped at a rest stop and I decided I didn't want to drive anymore. We eventually stopped for Taco Bell in Hudson Wisconsin, and then we finally made it home around 10:30PM.