October 20, 2018

The Wrong Hotel

This morning I was able to sleep in at Kim and Sean's and then we went down to the main Lodge for a breakfast of eggs, bacon, potatoes, and toast. It was pretty good. After breakfast, we went for a walk around Camp Deerpark and saw all the different things they're doing. Then we walked the Blue trail and did all the challenges along with it, including wall climbs and trust falls. After we finished our walk, we went back to their house to pack, and then had tacos for lunch at the main Lodge place. After lunch, we finished packing, said our goodbyes, and took off for home, just 25 hours after we had arrived. We drove for a long time, and I took over driving somewhere in Pennsylvania, where it started raining and getting windy, to the point where there was almost 1/4 inch of rain on the road. We eventually switched drivers again about 30 minutes from Toledo Ohio, and then we checked into a Comfort Inn & Suites after accidentally trying to check into a Country Inn & Suites where we did not have a reservation. We all got ready for bed, took showers, and then slept really well.

Sean, Elias, Jack, and Kim