October 17, 2018

The Next Adventure Begins

This morning I got to sleep in until 7:45 because Dad was dropping me off at school. So I slept in and then grabbed a bite to eat before running out the door. School went well, although it seemed unusually long. After school, Dad was waiting outside for me and Tevia, so we went out, drove home, and started packing for our trip to New York. As soon as Mom got home, we loaded up the van, did some last checks, and we were off. Out destination for the night was Duluth, and we got there around 9:45 or so. We checked into our hotel, a Super-8 in Superior, and started getting settled. Jana and Tevia took one bed, Mom and Dad the other, and I had the rollaway as usual. I was hungry so I walked across the street and got a jalapeno cheddar brat with ketchup and mustard for $2.08. I ate that back at the room, and then took a nice long hot shower before going to sleep.