October 16, 2018 

Interview with the Paper

This morning I woke up to Mom pounding on my door, yelling cause I didn't get up as early as I was supposed to. I rolled out of bed and made my way upstairs. We had family devotions, and then I took Jana over to Grandpa and Nana's house, and had a poptart for breakfast over there before heading to school. All my classes went smoothly, especially History and Psychology, because since we aren't really doing anything huge before MEA break, I was able to just put in earbuds and listen to music during class. After school, I drove over to the church where Caleb, Zenia and myself all had an interview with the paper about Speed the Light. After that, I went over to the grocery store to see Jana, and then went and got my haircut at the YakShak. It went pretty quickly, and then I went home after stopping at the bank. We just had a casual feed-yo-face dinner, and then I took a shower and worked on my computer before bed. 

My new Haircut