October 15, 2018

I Love Tacos

This morning I snoozed my alarm almost 5 times before finally getting up at 6:42 (original alarm set for 6AM). I drove into town and met Caleb, Codie, Zenia, Karen, and Chad for breakfast at the Palace Cafe. We all had breakfast and then talked for a while about how we aren't supposed to be comparing ourselves to others as Christians. I drove up to the school and got to class with 2 minutes to spare, but still somehow beat the teacher to the class. School went well, and then after school, Tevia and I rushed home before I changed and went into town for my first day at Taco John's! I got there about 5 minutes early (the manager was pretty impressed) and then I had my orientation, which took about 2 hours and was mostly paperwork (I was being paid $10/hour to be there though, so I didn't mind). After I finished everything, I left and the manager said he'd text me to get me on the schedule. After I got home, we had dinner and then after taking a shower and cleaning up, I went to bed.