October 13, 2018

Dare 2 Share Live

This morning I woke up to my alarm at 4:30 AM... I crawled out of bed, got ready to go, had some oatmeal for breakfast, and then was on the road by 5:15. I picked up Codie at her house, and then we went to the church and loaded up into the van. It ended up being just me, Codie, Tristan, Bradly, and Ben showing up at the church, and then we picked up Matthew, Josh, and Sue in Staples. We stopped at the Clearwater travel plaza for gas, bathroom, and donuts, and then we finally got to Grace Church in the Twin Cities. We explored for awhile, and then it was time to start, so we went and found our seats. It was a lot smaller this year, with only about 30 kids compared to last years 300ish. We had worship and stuff, and then we had pizza for lunch before going out and knocking on doors. Basically what we would do is ask them if they'd like to donate canned food to local foodshelves and homeless shelters, and then if they would let us, we'd talk to them about the Gospel. After sharing for about 2 hours, we went back to Grace Church for some more worship, and then got on the road. We stopped at Taco Bell for dinner, and then after a quick stop at Cabela's, we made it back to the church. I dropped off Codie at her house, and then got back home and crawled into bed around 12:35AM. 

We found a cool sign and took a picture