October 11, 2018 

Interview Day

This morning I got up and the world was covered in white! I went into town and had Bible Study with Codie, Zenia, and Brady before school. All my classes went well, except for during choir, I had to go take a vision test that didn't make any sense. For lunch, we had BBQ rib sandwiches which were amazing. After school, Tevia and I went home and hung out there. I had turned in an application for Taco John's the other day, and they called and asked me to come in for an interview, so I brought Jana to work, and then on the way into Detroit Lakes, I ran into Alex Brainerd and so I stopped and talk to him for a bit. I went to the Country Kitchen and put in my vacation days, and then I went over to Taco John's where I got a free soft drink while I waited. My interview went well, and I scheduled an orientation for Monday. Then I went home, cleaned some of the houses, made a salad for dinner, and then once Mom and Dad and Jana all got home we had dinner before I went to bed. I also found out my choir concert dates: you can view those by clicking here.