October 03, 2018 

It's Snowing!!! 

This morning I took advantage of being able to sleep in a little, and didn't have to leave until about 7:30AM. I had breakfast over at Grandpa and Nana's, and then I drove to school. All my classes were fun, and for lunch we had chili which was really good! After school, I ran through the rain, and drove over to the church, where I got all my stuff unpacked, and then hung out with Caleb and Codie there until it was practice time. We ended up having 3 drummers, 4 vocalists, a guitar, keyboard, and a mandolin all on the stage, which definitely had an interesting sound. After youth group, we had some dinner that Caleb's Mom had made, and then we went outside and it was snowing! I drove home with Jana and Tevia and then we hung out until bed.