October 01, 2018 

The Music Man

This morning I got up at 6AM and then took off to meet Caleb and some other people from youth group at the Palace Cafe for breakfast. It ended up being Caleb, Me, Codie, Rylee, Karen, and Chad (until he had to leave). Caleb bought us breakfast and so we hung out there and talked about how we wanted our Bible study to go and stuff until around 8:10, when we went up to the school and made it to our classes just in time. For second hour, we had a sub still, and we were watching the Music Man, except inbetween every scene he would pause it and tell us about the history of that scene. He's probably my favorite sub so far. All my other classes went well, and then Tevia and I drove home after school and we went over to Grandpa and Nana's house where we took out the dock, and then chilled for awhile before coming home, having dinner, and then going to bed.

Dad trying to not drop the slide

Oh hey Jana don't mind me I'm just practicing taking portraits