September 26, 2018 

Youth Group Night!

This morning I got up earlier than normal to take a shower, and then Tevia and I dropped Jana off at Grandpa and Nana's before heading to school. All my classes went well, and I had a practice test in World History which I got a perfect on, even though it doesn't count towards my grade. After school was over, I went over to Harvest church, and Codie and I got ready for youth group while hanging out with Caleb, and then once everyone arrived, we practiced. Youth group went pretty great, except we had three drummers there, all wanting to play.... after youth group, we had some sandwiches, and then a worship team meeting after everything else. Caleb decided that on Monday mornings, we're going to start having a Bible Study at the Palace cafe at like 7:15, so I'm super hyped for that. The girls and I brought Codie home, and then we went back to our house where I did my journal, and then crashed for the night. Gotta ride the bus tomorrow morning. 

The team we had up front today