September 21, 2018 

The Fam came for Dinner

 This morning Tevia and I got up, and then we drove to school around 7:50. School was interesting and all the classes were a little shorter because of Pepfest at the end of the day for Homecoming (we got cookies in Psychology so that was cool). After school, I brought Tevia home, and then after chilling out for a few minutes, I was back into town because I had to work at 5. It was pretty busy, and then around 7:30, Grandpa, Nana, Jeremy, Dawson, Jana, and Tevia showed up and all had dinner. I ended up getting out of there around 9, and so I went home, stopping by Thad's house to take care of his cat, and then stopping by our house so that I could pick up my shaving cream and razor. I got home, took a shower and shaved, and then went to bed.