September 19, 2018 

Another Application 

 This morning started out with Dad dropping us off at school, and then I had a normal day. There weren't any quizzes, but we had fajitas for lunch and they were AMAZING like so good. Anyway, after school, Dad picked us up, and then we went home, where I grabbed my guitar and went into town. I started at Grandpa and Nana's where I visited for a little while, then went to the Nursing Home where I got an application, and then the Frazee Bank to make a quick deposit, and then off to Harvest Fellowship for youth group. We practiced music, and it ended up being just Aaron, Codie, Aldo, and myself doing music. After we finished, I was supposed to be back at the Nursing Home for singing to the old people by 7PM, so I rushed over and got there around 7:01. We sang to the oldies, and then Mom and I ran back to the church so I could get my guitar, and then we went over to Thad and Ginny's because I'm supposed to take care of their cat while they're in Germany apparently. When we got home, I worked on homework for a while, and then went to bed.