September 17, 2018 

Where's my Parachute?!

This morning, we got up (I accidentally slept through my second alarm) and got ready for school. Tevia and I dropped Jana off at Grandpa and Nana's, and then proceeded to school. My classes all went fine, and I didn't have to give my presentation in psychology because the person I was supposed to do it with was gone. I had a hot ham and beef sandwich for lunch, and then got caught up on as much homework as I could. After school, we came home and I dropped off Tevia, grabbed a snack, and then went into DL to log some flying time with Austin. We went up and practiced the normal stuff, and then also did some traffic patterns and emergency landings, which were fun. After my lesson, I went home and finished dinner and then we ate. Dad was still in town at work, so we just had a casual meal in the living room. I had made ribs and watermelon with bread as a side. After dinner, I worked on my computer and homework more before bed. 

My second favorite place in DL (Taco John's is obviously first)