September 15, 2018 


This morning I slept in till almost 10am, and then I rolled out, Dad and I packed up the van, stopped by Grandpa and Nana's to borrow a mattress, and then went up to Menahga. I had a little breakfast when I got there around noon, and then I played a bunch of games with everyone, demonstrating my amazing (lack of) volleyball skills. Koby had brought his homemade Halo suit and so we went and took some pictures with him wearing that, and then drove into Menahga and took some more pictures and they were super dope. We came back and played some more games, and then had dinner, sat around the campfire, went on walks through the scary trails in the dark, and star gazed. Finally around 11 or so, Jesse said we had to go to bed, so we made our way to the general direction of bed. I slept really well in the back of the van. 

Halo chillin' in the park

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