September 08, 2018 

Training in the Noob

This morning I got up, and then Mom brought me into Country Kitchen for work. I had Biscuits and Gravy for breakfast, and then I met the new kid named Michael that Lacy and I were supposed to train in. He did extremely well, and then Mom picked me up after I got off work and we went home. Then Mom found out I had eaten most of the sour cream, so I had to go into Frazee and get some more. I talked to Jana a little because she was working, and then I went home and chilled until people started coming over. We had dinner, and then I went to get Jana around 7:45. I decided to make them angry and so I got a cart and slowly walked around the grocery store at 7:58 (They've had a lot of trouble with people coming and shopping right before close). I brought Jana home, and then we went to bed.  

Mr. Dope Cat sticking out his tongue