September 06, 2018 

Spanish Class is Working 

This morning I had to get up earlier than normal, because Tevia and I were going to ride the bus. We got on the bus around 7:12 and then we rode around all over the entire state practically before we got to the school. It was a lot rougher than I expected and I almost had my breakfast revisit me on the way to school. I had classes like always in the morning, and then I had lunch with the German girl again. After lunch, my Spanish class was finally working, so I finished the homework for the week in about 10 minutes and then played on my phone until it was time for math. Math was just a work day, so we got into our groups and did the homework together. Matti was the only other person in my group and had already finished, so mostly she talked and tried to distract me while I worked. I finished my homework during advisory, and then went home and we had dinner before I made a speech "About Me" video. I didn't actually use any of the skills needed for speech since it only had to be about us, and didn't have any rules ;) Then I went to bed.