August 05, 2018 


This morning we got up and Dad brought Tevia and me into school again. I went through my classes (they still haven't figured out my Spanish so I have an open hour) and then I went to the lunchroom for lunch and got taco bake stuff. I met this girl during lunch who is actually a foreign exchange student from Germany who got here about a week ago and will be staying until January, and so it was pretty cool to get to know her. After school, Dad picked Tevia and me up and I worked on some stuff at home, and then I went in for youth group practice, except since Caleb's sister could be there to play, Codie played keys for us. Afterwards, we had nachos, and then Jana, Tevia, Codie and myself all went to Dollar General and got ice cream afterwards. When we got home, I finished a little bit of homework, wrote an extra credit paper, and then went to bed. 

Mr. Dope Rabbit just chillin in the yard