September 04, 2018 

First Day of School... ever

This morning I woke up to my alarm at 6:30, and started getting ready for my day. Dad had made oatmeal for breakfast, and then we were off after some devotions. We dropped off Jana at Grandpa and Nana's, and then Dad dropped Tevia and Me off at door #2. I went inside and found my locker and such, and then had World History as my first class. After that, I had choir, College Psychology, Anatomy, Lunch (went down to the gas station with friends), College Speech, Spanish III through BlueSky, and finally finished the day with College Algebra and Advisory. After school, Dad picked us up, and we went home where I worked on getting everything figured out from the day. We had dinner once Mom got home, and then I finished all of my homework, which was only one paper on myself for Psychology. Then, I went to bed at 10.