September 02, 2018 

A Scary Church 

Today was Church day, so we got up early, and then had some eggs and cakes for breakfast before heading to church. It was really nice to not be involved in any music for church, so I just got to enjoy the service... as much as one possibly can. Johnna was sharing about her trip to Africa today, and then Koby had to leave, which was cool and sad. After church, David and Veronica had me look at a guitar they wanted to give to the church, in hopes that it might encourage more people to play on Sundays. It is a very nice guitar, but will need the strings and a few other pieces of hardware replaced. After church, we went home and hung out for awhile, and then at 6:00pm, I had wanted to go to a friend's church down in Park Rapids called Faithfront Church, so we dropped Jana and Tevia off and Grandpa and Nana's and Mom and Dad came with me down to that and... welll..... you can call me Mosaic MSC cause I was trembling. It was not what I was used to. Afterwards, we went home and went to bed.