September 01, 2018 

First Day of September 

Today was the first day of September, and so I started it out by getting up at 7, and then going in to work until 2ish. When I got off, Gabe, Koby, and one of Gabe's friends, Zeke, were waiting for me to get off, so I clocked out and changed, and then we went down and ate at McDonalds. Adi joined us too, but then Gabe and Zeke had to leave so we went over to the mall and wandered around there until I had to leave and go home. I stopped to get gas at Holiday, and then I cleaned a little when I got home. We had people over for dinner, and then I went to pick up Jana before going for a run. Around 9:15, I went and got Koby in Frazee, and then he stayed at our house for the night. 

The fish in Washington Square Mall