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September 30, 2018Night of Worship in Verndale
This morning I was able to sleep in until about 9:00, when Dad came down and was like "Tovin we gotta leave like right now." We went to church, and the service was alright. There weren't as many people there as usual, but that's okay I guess. After church, Bryant gave me $100 as a thank you for doing his and Alyssa's engagement pictures back in March, and then after visiting a little more, Dad and I went home. The girls were all back from the Mother-Daughter weekend at Camp Cherith by the time we got home, so we just hung out all afternoon, and then Mom and I played a little music for an hour. At 4:30, I went over to Grandpa and Nana's to say hello, and then I went to the church where Caleb, Codie, Zenia, and myself all went down to this "Deeper Worship Experience" at Allison's church in Verndale. It was an interesting experience, and then they ended up prophesying over me and anointing me with oil a…


September 29, 2018 Work Work Work This morning I had to get up at 7:30, take a shower, eat breakfast, and then go to work. The restaurant was pretty slow and nothing really happened that was very interesting. After work, I ate, then ran home to change before going over to Grandpa and Nana's house. I hung out over there for a few hours, until about 7:30pm when I got a text from Jana saying that she was sick and had come home from Mother Daughter weekend at camp a little early. I figured I should be home if she was sick, so I drove home, almost hitting a deer on the way (I missed it by about 6 inches). I worked on my computer until bedtime and then slept pretty great. 


September 28, 2018 Yoga and Work
This morning we had to get up early to ride the bus again, and then we went to school. I had a History exam first hour, which I got 100% on, and then our Choir teacher was gone, so I just helped Codie study for her History exam during choir. For psychology, Fett had a yoga instructor come in and talk about yoga and stuff (the one who got her instruction training in Guatemala in two weeks) and it was pretty sketchy and I think it was all the power of suggestion and we didn't even get to do anything cool. After school, we rode the bus home, and then I went to work. I worked all the way till about 8:50, and then I had some dinner and went home, and went to bed.


September 27, 2018 A Pretty Boring Day
Today was pretty average; Tevia and I rode the bus to school, and then after school, we came home again. Mom didn't want me to go do anything, so I just kinda chilled at home and played on my computer until bed.


September 26, 2018 Youth Group Night!
This morning I got up earlier than normal to take a shower, and then Tevia and I dropped Jana off at Grandpa and Nana's before heading to school. All my classes went well, and I had a practice test in World History which I got a perfect on, even though it doesn't count towards my grade. After school was over, I went over to Harvest church, and Codie and I got ready for youth group while hanging out with Caleb, and then once everyone arrived, we practiced. Youth group went pretty great, except we had three drummers there, all wanting to play.... after youth group, we had some sandwiches, and then a worship team meeting after everything else. Caleb decided that on Monday mornings, we're going to start having a Bible Study at the Palace cafe at like 7:15, so I'm super hyped for that. The girls and I brought Codie home, and then we went back to our house where I did my journal, and then crashed for the night. Gotta ride the bus tomorrow…


September 25, 2018 Another Day of School
This morning, Tevia and I once again drove to school, and then went through our school stuff. I had a practice quiz in College Algebra, which didn't go so well, and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna fail algebra, but at least it didn't count towards my grade. After school, I went to a meeting for the kids interested in being in musical, and then got into a deep conversation with one of my friends who is a Mormon, about the differences between Mormonism and Christianity. After the meeting was over, I went home, and then we went over to Lloyd and Arlene's house to help them split wood with the rest of the church, and then we had dinner afterwards. We finally got home and I just crashed because every part of my body hurt.


September 24, 2018 Mundane Monday 
This morning we got back into the regular schedule of things, with myself and Tevia driving to school, and going through our day as regular. Afterwards, I went out to pull up the car so Tevia didn't have to walk out in the rain, and discovered I had a flat tire! So I called Dad, and he came and we patched it up in the rain, and then we went home, and I made us a dinner of meatloaf (not BBQ ribs but I can't remember man) which was pretty fantastic except it wasn't actually. After dinner, I went and hid in the basement and chilled until bedtime. 


September 23, 2018 Church Day
This morning I woke up at 6:45, and then laid in bed for a few minutes thinking about how much I didn't want to get up. I finally went downstairs and got ready, and then had some raisin bran for breakfast before heading over to our house to get the keyboard and an extra capo. I drove through town and picked up Codie at 7:50, and then we got to the church and had everything setup for practice by 8:30. Rehearsal went absolutely fantastic, and then after Sunday School it was go time. We did our music, and it went ok (except one of my guitar strings breaking) and then I dropped off Codie, and went to the Northern Inn to have lunch with Grandpa and Nana and the girls. After lunch, I went back to the church and packed up all my gear, and then went back to Grandpa and Nana's house where we hung out until Mom and Dad got home from Canada around 4PM. We hung out for awhile there, and then went home and I got all settled in and cleaned my room. Then, to fini…


September 22, 2018 Gotta pay dem bills
This morning I got up, and after a quick breakfast of poptarts, I took off to DL to work again. It wasn't super busy, and then after work, I got a huge taco salad with a side of french fries and it was sooooo good. I got home around 3:40, and then I worked on getting the music ready for tomorrow morning since I was leading the MYF band for music. Once the girls and Grandpa got home, we had mashed potatoes and hamburger gravy for dinner and then after dinner, I watched some of a movie with Nana and Jana before shaving, taking a shower, and going to bed.


September 21, 2018 The Fam came for Dinner
This morning Tevia and I got up, and then we drove to school around 7:50. School was interesting and all the classes were a little shorter because of Pepfest at the end of the day for Homecoming (we got cookies in Psychology so that was cool). After school, I brought Tevia home, and then after chilling out for a few minutes, I was back into town because I had to work at 5. It was pretty busy, and then around 7:30, Grandpa, Nana, Jeremy, Dawson, Jana, and Tevia showed up and all had dinner. I ended up getting out of there around 9, and so I went home, stopping by Thad's house to take care of his cat, and then stopping by our house so that I could pick up my shaving cream and razor. I got home, took a shower and shaved, and then went to bed. 


September 20, 2018 Ma and Pa left us...
This morning we got up and Tevia and I drove to school. We had all of our classes and everything went like normal, except it was pretty cold (both the weather and the school itself). After school, we went over to Grandpa and Nana's, and then I left Tevia there and drove to the airport. It was pouring outside, so Austin and I went through two lessons in the textbook and then he gave me a homework assignment to finish before the next lesson, so that I can get all checked out in the airplane to solo. I drove home, and then Nana had made some soup for dinner so I ate that with crackers before taking a shower, watching a movie with everyone, and then going to bed.


September 19, 2018 Another Application 
This morning started out with Dad dropping us off at school, and then I had a normal day. There weren't any quizzes, but we had fajitas for lunch and they were AMAZING like so good. Anyway, after school, Dad picked us up, and then we went home, where I grabbed my guitar and went into town. I started at Grandpa and Nana's where I visited for a little while, then went to the Nursing Home where I got an application, and then the Frazee Bank to make a quick deposit, and then off to Harvest Fellowship for youth group. We practiced music, and it ended up being just Aaron, Codie, Aldo, and myself doing music. After we finished, I was supposed to be back at the Nursing Home for singing to the old people by 7PM, so I rushed over and got there around 7:01. We sang to the oldies, and then Mom and I ran back to the church so I could get my guitar, and then we went over to Thad and Ginny's because I'm supposed to take care of their cat while t…


September 18, 2018 I ALMOST DIED!
So this morning we got up and went to school like always. I gave my presentation in Psychology, and it went well, and then drove home. I dropped off Tevia at home, and then I sped my way into town for the airport. Austin and I went up, and our flight went by perfectly, except for I accidentally killed the airplane engine midflight... whoops. After we landed, I went home and worked on homework until after bedtime. 


September 17, 2018 Where's my Parachute?!
This morning, we got up (I accidentally slept through my second alarm) and got ready for school. Tevia and I dropped Jana off at Grandpa and Nana's, and then proceeded to school. My classes all went fine, and I didn't have to give my presentation in psychology because the person I was supposed to do it with was gone. I had a hot ham and beef sandwich for lunch, and then got caught up on as much homework as I could. After school, we came home and I dropped off Tevia, grabbed a snack, and then went into DL to log some flying time with Austin. We went up and practiced the normal stuff, and then also did some traffic patterns and emergency landings, which were fun. After my lesson, I went home and finished dinner and then we ate. Dad was still in town at work, so we just had a casual meal in the living room. I had made ribs and watermelon with bread as a side. After dinner, I worked on my computer and homework more before bed.


September 16, 2018 Sleepy Sunday
This morning I woke up, still a little tired from the festivities of the night before, but I made myself get up and walk over to the shower and take a quick shower. I went up and watched the Swiers pack up their campsite, and then Koby and I sat and talked with Liisa and Andrea until it was time for us to leave for church. We made it to church on time, and had a nice Sunday school thing. Then, there was a dude from the Gideon's who wanted to talk in church, so he did, and it was interesting. We went home, and I mostly just chilled for the afternoon, and then we watched a few movies before bed. I started cleaning my room a little, but it was too much work so I quit.


September 15, 2018 Camping!!!
This morning I slept in till almost 10am, and then I rolled out, Dad and I packed up the van, stopped by Grandpa and Nana's to borrow a mattress, and then went up to Menahga. I had a little breakfast when I got there around noon, and then I played a bunch of games with everyone, demonstrating my amazing (lack of) volleyball skills. Koby had brought his homemade Halo suit and so we went and took some pictures with him wearing that, and then drove into Menahga and took some more pictures and they were super dope. We came back and played some more games, and then had dinner, sat around the campfire, went on walks through the scary trails in the dark, and star gazed. Finally around 11 or so, Jesse said we had to go to bed, so we made our way to the general direction of bed. I slept really well in the back of the van. 


September 14, 2018 Sick as a Dog
This morning when I woke up, I just felt horrible, but I figured I would be fine and ignored it. Dad dropped us off at school and then I suffered through all of my classes except for lunch, which I greatly enjoyed (it was pizza). After school we came home and I fell asleep twice, and then we went up to Menahga for the church camping trip. We had hotdogs for dinner and everyone showed up despite the rain, and then because I wasn't feeling the greatest, I decided to spend the night at home and get a really good nights sleep. I went to bed before 10, and was out within minutes.


September 13, 2018 My throat hurts
When I woke up this morning, the first thing I noticed was that I had a sore throat. That was the only part of my body that hurt though, so I figured I was fine and I drove to school. I got my test back in World History, earning myself a 90/100. All my other classes were cool, and then after school, I went over to Harvest church with Codie and Tevia, and we helped Codie bring her keyboard back to her house. Tevia and I stopped at Frazee Family Foods on the way home and got some ice cream since it was on sale, and then we went home. Tevia made soup for dinner, and then after dinner I worked on my computer for awhile before taking a nice long shower and then going to bed.


September 12, 2018 Slip and Slide kickball
This morning I got to sleep in a whole extra 45 minutes because I decided to drive to school instead of taking the bus. I waited till around 7:40, and then I drove to school. I had my history test, and I think it went pretty well, and then I had all my other classes like normal. After school, I went over to the church, and then Codie brought her keyboard so we got that set up, and we just played around with the instruments and it sounded really great, but it was a little too advanced for the rest of the band. Aaron, Karen, and Allison got there eventually (Caleb had been there all day) and we practiced, and then we sang a few songs before going outside and playing slip and slide kickball. Codie and I had convinced Leonie to come (the German foreign exchange student) and she seemed to like it which was good. Afterwards, we cleaned up, and then I brought the girls home with me and we went to bed.


September 11, 2018 A Day of Rememberence
So.... today we got up, and then rode the bus to school. They were talking about how it was the terrorist attacks on the twin towers 17 years ago today on the radio, but other than that, I didn't really know that it was 9/11. I had a practice quiz in History, because tomorrow we take an exam. All my other classes went by pretty quickly, and then during advisory, I went down to the post office to get a package that Amazon said was there. Tevia and I rode the bus home again, and then she did homework while I played with guitar things (I had just gotten an iRig 2 from Amazon). We had noodles for dinner, and then we all went to bed.


September 10, 2018 Taco Bell and Doctors
It was Monday again, which meant getting up at 6:00 AM and then walking down to get on the bus. Tevia and I got to school, and then I whizzed through all of my classes without any problems. After school, instead of riding the bus home, we walked down to the YakShak where I got my hair cut (it looks the same...) and then Mom and I drove to Fargo for my medical exam to be able to fly solo. It ended up being $150, and we had to wait almost two hours, but then I was in and out really quickly. We went over to Taco Bell for dinner and they accidentally gave us some free stuff which I gladly ate, and then we drove home and I went to bed.


September 09, 2018 It's Sunday 
This morning it was nice to sleep in a little, and then I ran quickly to get ready for church, and we were off. We stopped by Jeremy's place, but he didn't want to send anyone with us to church, so we just went by ourselves. Ben brought donuts for Sunday School and they were amazing, and then after church, we had a meal planning meeting for the camping trip this weekend. After we finished with that, we went home and I reserved my camping spot, and then we hung around all day and just chilled out. Around 5:30, Mom and I drove up to Park Rapids where we went for a walk in the park, and then went to the evening service at Frontline church. We stopped at Burger King on the way home, and then when I got home, I went to bed.


September 08, 2018 Training in the Noob
This morning I got up, and then Mom brought me into Country Kitchen for work. I had Biscuits and Gravy for breakfast, and then I met the new kid named Michael that Lacy and I were supposed to train in. He did extremely well, and then Mom picked me up after I got off work and we went home. Then Mom found out I had eaten most of the sour cream, so I had to go into Frazee and get some more. I talked to Jana a little because she was working, and then I went home and chilled until people started coming over. We had dinner, and then I went to get Jana around 7:45. I decided to make them angry and so I got a cart and slowly walked around the grocery store at 7:58 (They've had a lot of trouble with people coming and shopping right before close). I brought Jana home, and then we went to bed.


September 07, 2018 First Weekend of Public School 
This morning Tevia and I rode the bus again, and then we had our classes. I had a chicken sandwich for lunch and ate with the German exchange student again, and then finished classes. We had an assembly at the end of the day instead of advisory because homecoming is next week, and then afterwards we rode the bus home. I had some tacos for Slunch (Supper + Lunch) because I was hungry, and then I played on my computer for awhile. We had Rainbow soup for dinner, and then after dinner I went to bed.


September 06, 2018 Spanish Class is Working 
This morning I had to get up earlier than normal, because Tevia and I were going to ride the bus. We got on the bus around 7:12 and then we rode around all over the entire state practically before we got to the school. It was a lot rougher than I expected and I almost had my breakfast revisit me on the way to school. I had classes like always in the morning, and then I had lunch with the German girl again. After lunch, my Spanish class was finally working, so I finished the homework for the week in about 10 minutes and then played on my phone until it was time for math. Math was just a work day, so we got into our groups and did the homework together. Matti was the only other person in my group and had already finished, so mostly she talked and tried to distract me while I worked. I finished my homework during advisory, and then went home and we had dinner before I made a speech "About Me" video. I didn't actually use any of th…


August 05, 2018 WEDNESDAYAAAY
This morning we got up and Dad brought Tevia and me into school again. I went through my classes (they still haven't figured out my Spanish so I have an open hour) and then I went to the lunchroom for lunch and got taco bake stuff. I met this girl during lunch who is actually a foreign exchange student from Germany who got here about a week ago and will be staying until January, and so it was pretty cool to get to know her. After school, Dad picked Tevia and me up and I worked on some stuff at home, and then I went in for youth group practice, except since Caleb's sister could be there to play, Codie played keys for us. Afterwards, we had nachos, and then Jana, Tevia, Codie and myself all went to Dollar General and got ice cream afterwards. When we got home, I finished a little bit of homework, wrote an extra credit paper, and then went to bed.


September 04, 2018 First Day of School... ever
This morning I woke up to my alarm at 6:30, and started getting ready for my day. Dad had made oatmeal for breakfast, and then we were off after some devotions. We dropped off Jana at Grandpa and Nana's, and then Dad dropped Tevia and Me off at door #2. I went inside and found my locker and such, and then had World History as my first class. After that, I had choir, College Psychology, Anatomy, Lunch (went down to the gas station with friends), College Speech, Spanish III through BlueSky, and finally finished the day with College Algebra and Advisory. After school, Dad picked us up, and we went home where I worked on getting everything figured out from the day. We had dinner once Mom got home, and then I finished all of my homework, which was only one paper on myself for Psychology. Then, I went to bed at 10.


September 03, 2018 Last day of Summer 
This morning I planned to go in to work at my regular time, but Dad decided we should drive together, so we left our house around 8:20, and then he came and had breakfast with me at Country Kitchen. One cool thing I found out today is all my immidiate family (including Grandparents) get 25% off their total bill because I work there. After work, I had a chicken tender basket for lunch, and then I walked over to the Lamplighter and talked to the guy Dad takes care of about drones and cameras and computers for about a half hour before running to Walmart. After Dad got off work, we went home and had dinner, and then I Skyped with some friends before getting all my school stuff put together and ready for tomorrow, and then going to bed.


September 02, 2018 A Scary Church 
Today was Church day, so we got up early, and then had some eggs and cakes for breakfast before heading to church. It was really nice to not be involved in any music for church, so I just got to enjoy the service... as much as one possibly can. Johnna was sharing about her trip to Africa today, and then Koby had to leave, which was cool and sad. After church, David and Veronica had me look at a guitar they wanted to give to the church, in hopes that it might encourage more people to play on Sundays. It is a very nice guitar, but will need the strings and a few other pieces of hardware replaced. After church, we went home and hung out for awhile, and then at 6:00pm, I had wanted to go to a friend's church down in Park Rapids called Faithfront Church, so we dropped Jana and Tevia off and Grandpa and Nana's and Mom and Dad came with me down to that and... welll..... you can call me Mosaic MSC cause I was trembling. It was not what I was used to. …


September 01, 2018 First Day of September 
Today was the first day of September, and so I started it out by getting up at 7, and then going in to work until 2ish. When I got off, Gabe, Koby, and one of Gabe's friends, Zeke, were waiting for me to get off, so I clocked out and changed, and then we went down and ate at McDonalds. Adi joined us too, but then Gabe and Zeke had to leave so we went over to the mall and wandered around there until I had to leave and go home. I stopped to get gas at Holiday, and then I cleaned a little when I got home. We had people over for dinner, and then I went to pick up Jana before going for a run. Around 9:15, I went and got Koby in Frazee, and then he stayed at our house for the night.