August 31, 2018 

Too Many Trips

This morning I had to get up at 6:30 Am again, and get ready for my appointment at 8 with Austin at the airport. I got there, and then we went into the back office again and spent about an hour and a half studying the parts of the airplane, mostly the engine. At one point, I got to go explore a jet, which was kinda cool as well. Afterwards, I went to Caribou and got a Black Peach Sparkling tea or something, which I drank while I studied for awhile. Once I was done with that, I went over to Grandpa and Nana's and for some reason, everyone else was already there, and so I hung out for awhile and then went home and worked on my computer for awhile. I got bored eventually, and so I went into Perham where I used the wifi at the library for about an hour, and then I went to the grocery store, and then came home. I played on my computer some more, and then Steven and Dawson were at our house so I played with them for awhile before going for a run, and then going to bed. 

"Train up children in the way they should go..." My two Padawan learners