August 29, 2018 

I got blindfolded... 

This morning I got up at normal time, had family devotions, and then I took off for the airport for my 10AM appointment. I got there, and Austin had me go out and start the pre-flight inspection while he got some coffee or something. I finished, and then we took off towards the Waubun area. On the way over there, he put a hood on me so that I couldn't see out of the airplane, and made me fly instrument only. After some turns and altitude changes, we practiced slow flight and stalls before heading back for some landing tricks. After we landed, I to Taco John's and got some food, and then stopped by Holiday gas station for milk and eggs (I had coupons) and then stopped to get some car parts for Dad from the GMC garage. When I got home, Bryson had parked his motorbike in my parking spot, but I guess that was okay. At 4, we all went into Frazee High School for our orientation, and met all of the teachers. Then after that, I took the scooter back into town where I had worship rehearsal at Harvest Church before youth group, and then Dad dropped off Jana and Tevia for actual youth group, and then there were hot dogs afterwards for dinner. We went over to Grandpa and Nana's then to hang out for awhile, and then went home and went to bed.

Callaway from the sky