August 26, 2018 

Visit to Grandpa and Grandma's

Mom made everyone get up at 7 this morning, and then we left for church at 7:45. We practiced all the music, then Jesse and Rhonda brought Biscuits and gravy for breakfast and it was really good. Church went well, and then we swung back home to grab some food before taking off for Mora to see Grandpa and Grandma. We got there around 4ish, and we stayed and visited with them, and had dinner. Maggie and Steve came up as well which was nice, and then we had dinner before playing a little baseball, and then taking off. On the way home, we stopped and say Richard Waller's new place, but it was weird cause it was the first time I'd seen him since Maine. Then we finally got home around 11 and I went to bed after a quick shower.