August 22, 2018 

I Flew a Plane 

So today I woke up, got ready for my day, and then nervously sat on the couch waiting for Grandpa to come over and bring me into town. He finally arrived right on time, and then we went into the DL airport. Austin, my flight instructor, had me fill out a little more paperwork online, showed me some of my textbooks, and then we went out and started the pre-flight inspection. I learned about all the different parts of the plane (A Cessna 172R), and then we hopped in and taxied out to the runway, where he taught me how to fly a plane. Then we went up, flew around for awhile, came down and he showed me how to land, then we went up again, and then he had me land. Afterwards, Grandpa, Jana, Tevia, and I all went out to KFC to have lunch, and then I went home and worked on my computer, until I heard a knock on the door, and Elmer and Mariam walked in. Then, at the same time, Darwin stopped by, which was interesting. Around 5:15, we left for Frazee and I went to youth group, while everyone else went to see the Benson Family Singers in DL. For youth group, we did music, and then we all went to DQ and Harvest paid for it, so that was super awesome. Then, we came home and I went to bed. 

My instructor, Austin, and myself in front of the plane after landing

Taking off