August 20, 2018 

A Boring Day

Today I slept in and apparently Dad had to wake me up a few times, but I don't believe him. I did some filming this morning and got familiar with how DaVinci Resolve works since I haven't used it for editing in quite some time, and then I took a lunch break around noon. I put in my laundry, and then played some more on my computer before heading outside to put my laundry on the line and help Dad jump the truck, because Mom had left the key on and it ran the battery dead. After Dad almost killed himself trying to move the jumper cables, he took off to have dinner in DL with Jesse and Rhonda, and Jana, Tevia, and I all ate pasta and then went over to Grandpa and Nana's where we hung out until 8:30, and then came home. The girls talked to Mom while I finished getting my paperwork filled out so I can drop it off at the airport tomorrow and get my first pilots lesson scheduled. Then, I went downstairs and listened to some music before taking a shower and going to bed. 

Some deer near Grandpa and Nana's