August 18, 2018 

Back to Normal 

It was super nice to sleep on a mattress last night, and then since it was Saturday, I slept in till about 9. I got up and made my way upstairs, and then went back downstairs and cleaned my basement area. After I finished cleaning, Jana, Tevia, and I went to the Perham library so I could use the nice fast wifi, and then we came home for lunch. I went over to Grandpa and Nana's, and Grandpa said it was pioneer days, so we went and picked up Jana and Tevia before going back to Perham to check out pioneer days, and then we went and got a meal at the Dairy Queen before coming back home. We had sandwiches for dinner, and then I ran over to Jeremy's to drop off a photo book for him, and then I went downstairs and worked on my computer and listened to music till bed.