August 17, 2018 

The Long Awaited Day 

 Today was finally the day... we were going home! We got everything cleaned up in the campsite, had a breakfast of granola bars, and then we were off! We got the boat put on the trailer and were on the road by 10:15. We stopped in Nestor Falls for brunch at Green's (good but very greasy food) and then crossed over into the USA at 12:45, with no issues except for a white pine that Jana tried to smuggle over. We stopped at the supermarket across the border, and then I drove from the border back to Blackduck, before chilling in the front until we got home. We got home and unpacked and it felt wonderful. Sadly, while we were gone, Gimli had died which was sad for all of us. We went over to Grandpa and Nana's for dinner, and then I helped Grandpa bring home a new car he had bought, before learning how to drive a stick shift. I also had bought a new camera online (Nikon D7000) and that came while we were gone so I was super excited to see that. 

A plane that was flying over