August 13, 2018 

Sneaking Across the Border 

This morning we got up, and then it was time to pack. We got everything packed in the boat and then after a prayer, we were off. We drove up and stopped in Park Rapids to get the boat cleaned by the DNR since we had come out of an infested water, and then we stopped at the Wal-Mart and Toyota garage in Bemidji after a few engine issues. We were on our way again soon and had lunch out of the cooler in Blackduck with some... entertainment from the locals. We finally got to the border, and after getting gas at the last Holiday on the USA side, we crossed over and booked it to Nestor Falls, where we got the boat ready, and then put in the boat at Paradise Point. We got everything out to our camp site, got everything setup, and then after a quick dinner we went to bed. 

Really Low water at Nestor Falls