August 06, 2018 

Dad's Birthday 

Today was Monday, so I got up and we hung out for awhile, before Jana, Tevia, and I went into town to do some business at the bank, and then we ate a bunch of cookies, broke their popcorn machine, and then went over and picked up Dawson and Sherri to bring them over to our house to make food with Mom and Jen. Eventually a bunch of people were at our house cooking till about noon, and then they all left and we loaded up the bikes so that we could go to Fargo for Dad’s birthday. We went to the bike store off Broadway, got a new bike for Tevia, and then we all bike around Fargo for about an hour and a half before having dinner at the Snapdragon in Moorhead. After we finished eating, we went home (while singing happy birthday to Dad) and then went and said hi to everyone at Grandpa and Nana’s. I wasn’t really tired when we got home, so I stayed up for awhile and ended up trying to photograph the Milky Way before going to bed.

Dad riding with no hands

We're lost


Guitar by the river

Creepy House

Bird's eye view