August 04, 2018 

The Saddest Day T_T 

This morning we got to sleep in a little bit, and then it was time to clean. We cleaned, and cleaned, and cleaned, until the camp was spotless. Then, we went up and had a brunch in the dining hall before having on last outside worship session before giving eachother goodbye hugs, taking pictures, and crying and missing eachother in general. Eventually it was time to leave, and so we got into the vans and went back home. Dad was waiting at the church (along with a lot of other parents) and then we got my stuff out and went home. I unpacked and did some laundry, before almost taking a nap and then Jen and Davin showed up. We had dinner with them and Grandpa and Nana and Jeremy and Thadius, and then I went to bed after dinner, completely exhausted.