August 03, 2018 

 Bible Camp Day 5 

This morning was "Come As You Are Breakfast," so we didn't have to get showered or anything, but just slapped on some clothes and then went up for breakfast. After breakfast, we had a little while to shower, and then it was time for our last session. We had a really great session on commitment and becoming a new person, and then after a really nice and long worship time, we had lunch. After lunch, we went up for afternoon rec and then I went for a paddle boat ride on the lake with some people and then having a nice long deep talk before getting ready for the evening's theme, NeOn LiGHt bRIgHts. We had a really fun dinner, and then afterwards we went down and messed around and had fun swing dancing until the talent show started. Chloe and I sang a song, and a bunch of people did other stuff, and then we had banana splits and signed pictures before going back down to the lower chapel for a dance party that lasted until about 2:00am. Everyone was soaked in sweat, but still went right to bed, except me who left a little early to take a shower.

"ok bro poses everyone"

my cabin


dance party