August 02, 2018 

Bible Camp Day 4 

Today we had breakfast, then afterwards we went down for morning worship and session, followed by small group. We had lunch, and then after rec, we played slipery kickball which was very fun and also very wet. After dinner, we went down and had the evening session, which was then followed by the night game. The plot for the night game this year was that the CIA accidentally made an evil version of Abe Lincoln, the Easter Bunny, the Thanksgiving Turkey, St. Patrick, and Santa, and it was our job to find all of the different punch mixes, and then mix them together to make a punch that would defeat the bad guys and save the holidays forever. My team of Myself, Mya, Tessa, Nate, and Matthew ended up winning, and we got a 12-pack of orange soda for it. Then afterwards, we said goodnights and got ready for bed. 

Morning Squats to keep us in shape

Evening Worship Session