August 01, 2018 

Bible Camp Day 3

Today I woke up late, but still chose to take a shower before breakfast, then went up and ate before heading down for the morning worship and session. It was pretty good, and then we had small group again before lunch, and my group ended up going all the way until lunch because we got talking about things. After lunch, I practiced with Chloe for the talent show on Friday night, and then we went up for rec. After rec time was over, there was swimming time, which a bunch of us just ended up hanging out and talking during, after making some more cool craft things. The theme for dinner was caveman, and so everyone was pretending to be cavemen and we weren't allowed to use things like silverware. After dinner, we went up the rec field and got separated into our families for the night game. Then as an into to the night game, we had to solve some puzzles before having some evening worship and a bedtime song and then it was off to bed.

Bedtime Song