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August 31, 2018 Too Many Trips
This morning I had to get up at 6:30 Am again, and get ready for my appointment at 8 with Austin at the airport. I got there, and then we went into the back office again and spent about an hour and a half studying the parts of the airplane, mostly the engine. At one point, I got to go explore a jet, which was kinda cool as well. Afterwards, I went to Caribou and got a Black Peach Sparkling tea or something, which I drank while I studied for awhile. Once I was done with that, I went over to Grandpa and Nana's and for some reason, everyone else was already there, and so I hung out for awhile and then went home and worked on my computer for awhile. I got bored eventually, and so I went into Perham where I used the wifi at the library for about an hour, and then I went to the grocery store, and then came home. I played on my computer some more, and then Steven and Dawson were at our house so I played with them for awhile before going for a run, and then g…


August 30, 2018 How does an Airplane work... 
This morning I had my alarm set for 6:30 AM, at which I reluctantly rolled out of bed and got ready for my day. I went into Detroit Lakes for my 8:00 lesson, during which we didn't go up in the plane :( but instead had a ground lesson, basically learning about how an airplane flies. After my lesson, I went to Taco John's and got my free taco meal that I got after 8 visits, and then stayed there for about an hour and studied for my next lesson. I went home and worked on my computer, then went out and mowed the lawn. Jen sent us our school pictures, so I got to work updating all my social media's, and then got yelled at because Bryson, his little brother, and someone named Josh had somehow got invited over for dinner. I stayed upstairs just long enough that I wouldn't be considered rude, then worked on my computer some more, practiced drums, and then went to bed around 10:30.


August 29, 2018 I got blindfolded... 
This morning I got up at normal time, had family devotions, and then I took off for the airport for my 10AM appointment. I got there, and Austin had me go out and start the pre-flight inspection while he got some coffee or something. I finished, and then we took off towards the Waubun area. On the way over there, he put a hood on me so that I couldn't see out of the airplane, and made me fly instrument only. After some turns and altitude changes, we practiced slow flight and stalls before heading back for some landing tricks. After we landed, I to Taco John's and got some food, and then stopped by Holiday gas station for milk and eggs (I had coupons) and then stopped to get some car parts for Dad from the GMC garage. When I got home, Bryson had parked his motorbike in my parking spot, but I guess that was okay. At 4, we all went into Frazee High School for our orientation, and met all of the teachers. Then after that, I took the scooter bac…


August 28, 2018 New Pants :) 
This morning we started out with some food (it was gross oatmeal like stuff), and then we took off to Fargo after Mom and I sorted through my clothes. We went and shopped for a long time in different places, and I got three new pairs of pants which are pretty nice. We ended up being in the Fargo area till about 4:00pm, during most of which I spent sitting in the car waiting for Mom and then girls, and then the ONE TIME I went inside to use the bathroom, they came out and had to wait for me at the car. Anyway, we came home and had dinner, and they just relaxed around the house until bedtime. The picture for today is a boring one of my desk since I forgot to take pictures in Fargo.


August 27, 2018 It's Monday 
Today was Monday, so I got up and Mom had me clean my room and basement area which seemed to take forever, but it was really nice downstairs once I was done. I got everything good, and then after we had lunch, I went into Detroit Lakes where Austin and I went up for my second lesson. We did a lot of slow flight and stalling, and then once we were finished there, we put away the plane (since it started raining) and then I went over to Grandpa and Nana's to print out my student pilots license. Grandpa and I pulled the Maui Mat up onto the shore since it had blown away, and then I went home and worked on some stuff on my computer, and then went to bed after dinner.


August 26, 2018 Visit to Grandpa and Grandma's
Mom made everyone get up at 7 this morning, and then we left for church at 7:45. We practiced all the music, then Jesse and Rhonda brought Biscuits and gravy for breakfast and it was really good. Church went well, and then we swung back home to grab some food before taking off for Mora to see Grandpa and Grandma. We got there around 4ish, and we stayed and visited with them, and had dinner. Maggie and Steve came up as well which was nice, and then we had dinner before playing a little baseball, and then taking off. On the way home, we stopped and say Richard Waller's new place, but it was weird cause it was the first time I'd seen him since Maine. Then we finally got home around 11 and I went to bed after a quick shower. 


August 25, 2018 A Long Saturday 
This morning I got up early and then took off to work at 7:50ish, so I was able to have breakfast before I started work. I worked until about 2:30, and then I spent a half hour in McDonalds drive-through waiting to get a large fry and small ice cream cone. After I got my food, I went home and rested for about an hour and then Mom and Dad told me that we were having people coming over, so I had to come upstairs and socialize. We had dinner, and then I went to pick up Jana from work, and then went to bed when I got home.


August 24, 2018 Last MYF of Summer 
This morning I woke up and we had family devotions and breakfast like everyother morning, and then I hit the books and studied most of chapter 1 for my flying lessons. I went down to get the mail before lunch, and then got a text from my instructor that because of cloud cover, we were going to have to cancel our lesson for today. I had some lunch, then played Lord of the Rings Online until it was time to bring Jana to work. I dropped her off, and then went up to Ben's where Ben, Kylie, and I all hung out until everyone else started showing up for MYF. Ron and Karri brought pizza, and then we watched a movie called "The Same Kind of Different as Me" or something and it wasn't very good. Jana and I then went home and went to bed.


August 23, 2018 The New Owners 
This morning I woke up, and since I didn't really have anything on the agenda, I just laid around most of the day and worked on stuff at home. Grandpa came over and then after he left, I went to the bank to put money in my account for my lessons. After I went to the bank, I made lunch (sloppy joes) and then worked on my computer stuff until later in the evening, when I went into Frazee to meet the new owners of the Frazee Forum. I met them, gave them my business card, and then filled up a plate with crackers and cheese before leaving. I came home, ate the tatertot hotdish that Tevia made for dinner, did more dishes, worked on my computer some more, and then went to bed after a shower and shave.


August 22, 2018 I Flew a Plane 
So today I woke up, got ready for my day, and then nervously sat on the couch waiting for Grandpa to come over and bring me into town. He finally arrived right on time, and then we went into the DL airport. Austin, my flight instructor, had me fill out a little more paperwork online, showed me some of my textbooks, and then we went out and started the pre-flight inspection. I learned about all the different parts of the plane (A Cessna 172R), and then we hopped in and taxied out to the runway, where he taught me how to fly a plane. Then we went up, flew around for awhile, came down and he showed me how to land, then we went up again, and then he had me land. Afterwards, Grandpa, Jana, Tevia, and I all went out to KFC to have lunch, and then I went home and worked on my computer, until I heard a knock on the door, and Elmer and Mariam walked in. Then, at the same time, Darwin stopped by, which was interesting. Around 5:15, we left for Frazee and I went to…


August 21, 2018 Bryson in the Park... 
This morning I decided to make Mom and Dad proud, and I got up ON MY OWN at 8am! It's a lot of work, doing all this adulting stuff, but I think I can pull it off for a few more years. We had pancakes for breakfast, had family devotions, and then I worked on my computer a little, cleaned my room(s), and practiced music. Around 11, I had to go into town and Jana and Tevia decided to come with me. I grabbed my passport, and then it was off to the airport. I finished getting registered, and then we went to Burger King and got ice creams to celebrate. We swung by the Frazee bank before heading home. We did stuff at home for a few hours, and then Tevia and I went over to Grandpa and Nana's where I pulled in the Maui Mat before we watched a Hallmark movie that Nana had taped. After we finished the movie, I got my first flight lesson scheduled for tomorrow at 10am, and then we ran back over to our house, and then went to music in the park with Gra…


August 20, 2018 A Boring Day
Today I slept in and apparently Dad had to wake me up a few times, but I don't believe him. I did some filming this morning and got familiar with how DaVinci Resolve works since I haven't used it for editing in quite some time, and then I took a lunch break around noon. I put in my laundry, and then played some more on my computer before heading outside to put my laundry on the line and help Dad jump the truck, because Mom had left the key on and it ran the battery dead. After Dad almost killed himself trying to move the jumper cables, he took off to have dinner in DL with Jesse and Rhonda, and Jana, Tevia, and I all ate pasta and then went over to Grandpa and Nana's where we hung out until 8:30, and then came home. The girls talked to Mom while I finished getting my paperwork filled out so I can drop it off at the airport tomorrow and get my first pilots lesson scheduled. Then, I went downstairs and listened to some music before taking a shower…


August 19, 2018 Outdoor Service, but Inside
Today we had our outdoor service at church... except Ben thought it might rain, so we had it inside. Long story short, it didn't rain. Not one drop till we were on the way home. Everyone was supposed to share something, and so I did Reckless Love as my thing, and then we had fellowship dinner afterwards and all the cool people ate outside at a table. Afterwards, we listened to the building comitee talk about their project which won't be done till 2020, and then we went home where I played on my computer until bed. After I went to bed, I had a really good idea for the Dare2Share video I am supposed to make for church in October, so I got back up and wrote it down in my notebook.  


August 18, 2018 Back to Normal 
It was super nice to sleep on a mattress last night, and then since it was Saturday, I slept in till about 9. I got up and made my way upstairs, and then went back downstairs and cleaned my basement area. After I finished cleaning, Jana, Tevia, and I went to the Perham library so I could use the nice fast wifi, and then we came home for lunch. I went over to Grandpa and Nana's, and Grandpa said it was pioneer days, so we went and picked up Jana and Tevia before going back to Perham to check out pioneer days, and then we went and got a meal at the Dairy Queen before coming back home. We had sandwiches for dinner, and then I ran over to Jeremy's to drop off a photo book for him, and then I went downstairs and worked on my computer and listened to music till bed.


August 17, 2018 The Long Awaited Day 
Today was finally the day... we were going home! We got everything cleaned up in the campsite, had a breakfast of granola bars, and then we were off! We got the boat put on the trailer and were on the road by 10:15. We stopped in Nestor Falls for brunch at Green's (good but very greasy food) and then crossed over into the USA at 12:45, with no issues except for a white pine that Jana tried to smuggle over. We stopped at the supermarket across the border, and then I drove from the border back to Blackduck, before chilling in the front until we got home. We got home and unpacked and it felt wonderful. Sadly, while we were gone, Gimli had died which was sad for all of us. We went over to Grandpa and Nana's for dinner, and then I helped Grandpa bring home a new car he had bought, before learning how to drive a stick shift. I also had bought a new camera online (Nikon D7000) and that came while we were gone so I was super excited to see that. 


August 16, 2018 Wanna go Home... 
We woke up and had breakfast this morning, and then Dad, Jana, and Tevia left to try and find more siding for the shed while Mom and I stayed back and worked on it. We framed the door, both the windows, and then painted half of the front and half of the back. We finished what we were working on, and then I read while Mom made lunch until they got back. Sadly, after going to Kenora, Sioux Narrows, and Nestor Falls, none of the places had the lumber that we needed. We had lunch and some quiet time, and then Dad and I put the roof on the cabin while the girls finished painting, and Mom worked on her stone fireplace. We finished, Mom made a tatertot hotdish for dinner over the fire, and then we swam before going to bed. Did not sleep well. 


August 15, 2018 Into the City
This morning we woke up again and had breakfast, and then we finished doing what we could to our cabin before loading into the boat and docking at Paradise Point Marina. We got into the truck and drove up to Kenora where we went to Wal-Mart, and two different lumber stores to get what we needed. We came back, visited the Ace Hardware in Sioux Narrows again, and then loaded everything into the boat and brought it back to the campsite. we worked a little, then had dinner before working a little more and taking a swim before bed. I read a little of a book called "Love Does" by Bob Goff before bed, and found it extremely interesting and good. Sadly, around 10:30 we woke up cause the wind had changed and was making the boat hit against the rocks. We got it fixed and I fell back to sleep around 12:30.


August 14, 2018 When will this nightmare end?
This morning we woke up after a not-so-restful night of being stranded in the wilds of Canada, and then we had a breakfast of pizza pocket things and had a family devotion time. We went into Sioux Narrows to get some lumber to build our mansion with, and it ended up costing us about $1000 CAD. We loaded it all into the boat, and got it back to the campsite in two loads. We started building the base and such after a quick lunch, and finished for the day at 5:30. We had a swim after a quick supper of hot dogs, and then it was time for bed again. 


August 13, 2018 Sneaking Across the Border 
This morning we got up, and then it was time to pack. We got everything packed in the boat and then after a prayer, we were off. We drove up and stopped in Park Rapids to get the boat cleaned by the DNR since we had come out of an infested water, and then we stopped at the Wal-Mart and Toyota garage in Bemidji after a few engine issues. We were on our way again soon and had lunch out of the cooler in Blackduck with some... entertainment from the locals. We finally got to the border, and after getting gas at the last Holiday on the USA side, we crossed over and booked it to Nestor Falls, where we got the boat ready, and then put in the boat at Paradise Point. We got everything out to our camp site, got everything setup, and then after a quick dinner we went to bed. 


August 12, 2018 Canada Prep
Today I had to get up at 7:30AM and get ready for church…. We left around 8 and got setup for music at the church, then practiced, had breakfast, and then played for church. After church, we went home, and then Jana, Tevia, and I all went into the Vergas parade (which was like 10 hours long) and got some candy, before going over to Grandpa and Nana’s house with Ben. Mom and Dad came over and Dad took me waterskiing, and I finally mastered jumping with only one ski :)  Afterwards, we had leftovers at Grandpa and Nana’s for dinner, and then I helped Dad pull out the boat as we’re going to Lake of the Woods tomorrow to go camping. We got everything ready, then I cleaned the basement, did some laundry, and went to bed.


August 11, 2018 Working Saturday 
So this morning was the last day Jen and David were here, but I had to work. So I got up at 7, took a shower, then dropped Jana of at work at 8, before going into Country Kitchen and working from 9-3ish. It was really busy in town, so I ended up doing drink orders as well as doing normal host stuff. When I finally got off at 3ish, I went home, almost fell asleep, and then made myself go to Grandpa and Nana’s around 4:30. I hung out there, went waterskiing, had dinner, then said goodbye to everyone and went home where I took some more pictures, got ready for bed, and eventually went to bed. 


August 10, 2018 A New Look... 
Today we were supposed to be over at Grandpa and Nana’s at 8:30 and…. Well we overslept a few hours. Instead we had to help Mom with chores and help her cook, and then we rode over to Grandpa and Nana’s house with Jen and Enavi who had come over to help. One cool thing did happen though, and my 50mm f/1.8 lens came and WOW ITS SO AMAZING and I took like 200 pictures with it. Anyway, after a lunch of leftovers, we went into Vergas and got ice cream and did the chalk drawing contest. Then we came back and I helped Dad get the boat out of the water. Nana and I went for a little drive, and then we saw a 2008 Subaru for sale for $2500 which Grandpa ended up buying a few hours later. After a dinner of pizza, we roasted marshmallows and made smores, and then we had our photo contest judging before heading home and going to bed.


August 09, 2018 Visiting Sandy Point 
Today I actually got up on time, and was upstairs by 7AM. I got the girls up, and then Mom and I went over to Grandpa and Nana’s house at around 10. I had some cereal for breakfast, and then I stayed there to hang out while Mom went and visited the Amish. After a lunch of leftover burgers and hotdogs, Jana and Tevia came over, and Jen did our school pictures for us before waterskiing and swimming at Sandy Point. We came back in and then we went into DL where we went to Norby’s cause they have huge sales for going out of business, and then we went to the DL airport where I met the flight instructor and talked to him for awhile, and he said if I wanted  I could start flight lessons as early as Monday. He gave me a bunch of contact info, web addresses, and paperwork to fill out, and then we went over to Wal-Mart and got some goodies before going back to Grandpa and Nana’s for dinner. After dinner, we chilled for a little while, and then I spent some t…


August 08, 2018 I went to the library... 
This morning we got up and drove over to Grandpa and Nana’s house. We hung out over there for quite awhile just hanging out and having fun, and then after lunch, I went in to Perham where I went to the library and uploaded a bunch of pictures from Junior Camp that had been taken on my camera. I did some basic batch edits to all 800 of them, making them look way better than all the other photos. After that, I went and got some money out of the bank as I had just ordered two new lenses for my camera (a 50mm f/1.8D and a 70-300mm f/4.5-5) which I’m super excited to get. I also stopped by the Perham airport on the way home, but no one was there. After I got back to Grandpa and Nana’s house, we had some dinner, and then we watched a movie called Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and it was absolutely fantastic. Then, after we finished the movie, Jana, Tevia and I all went into Frazee and got ice creams before going home and going to be…


August 07, 2018 Yay for Getting Lost & Sunflowers
This morning we had family devotions, and then I rode my motor bike over to Grandpa and Nana’s house, where I got in the car, and went into town to go shopping with Jevin and Davin. We rode all over town and then eventually ended up at Taco John’s in Detroit Lakes. After a nice lunch, we came home and unloaded all the groceries, before just lounging around for awhile. Jen wanted to go take pictures of a field of sunflowers, so Jevin, Tevia, and I all went with her to do that. When we got back, Elmer and Mariam were at Grandpa and Nana’s house so we had hamburgers that Davin made for dinner with them, and then I rode my motor bike back home (after fixing it) and then took some more pictures before bed.


August 06, 2018 Dad's Birthday Today was Monday, so I got up and we hung out for awhile, before Jana, Tevia, and I went into town to do some business at the bank, and then we ate a bunch of cookies, broke their popcorn machine, and then went over and picked up Dawson and Sherri to bring them over to our house to make food with Mom and Jen. Eventually a bunch of people were at our house cooking till about noon, and then they all left and we loaded up the bikes so that we could go to Fargo for Dad’s birthday. We went to the bike store off Broadway, got a new bike for Tevia, and then we all bike around Fargo for about an hour and a half before having dinner at the Snapdragon in Moorhead. After we finished eating, we went home (while singing happy birthday to Dad) and then went and said hi to everyone at Grandpa and Nana’s. I wasn’t really tired when we got home, so I stayed up for awhile and ended up trying to photograph the Milky Way before going to bed.