July 31, 2018 

Bible Camp Day 2

Today we had to be up by 8:00am, but many of us were up earlier because of Hogan's stupid alarm. We got ready for breakfast, and then after eating we headed down for worship and the first session. The theme for this week was discipleship, which was kinda cool. After the first session, a bunch of us (including me) got called up front and told that we were going to be small group leaders. I had a couple other dudes in my group, and we had a good time talking and praying until it was time for lunch. After lunch, we had our rest hour during which we just sat around and talked, before going up to the rec field for a few hours of games. We then had canteen and swim time, made some lit crafts, and then supper before heading back down to the chapel for evening worship, and then back up to the rec field for some more games before singing a bedtime song, giving goodnight hugs, and going to bed.