July 30, 2018 

Bible Camp Day 1 

Today I was able to sleep in, before getting packed for camp! I got packed, went through my checklist like 20 times, cleaned the basement, and then finally I was ready to go. I didn't actually have to leave until about 2:30, but finally it was time. Dad and I went into town and he got gas while I got my registration money out of the bank. Then we went up and he dropped me off at the church. We had exactly two large vans of people going up to camp. We all got loaded in and then we were off. It was a loud and fun ride up to Foston with everyone being super excited. We finally rolled into the driveway and I got registered and was able to get into Alex's cabin again. I unpacked all my stuff and then we had dinner before having a few activities to get to know everyone, and then the Camp Olympics. They went super late, and then it was finally time to go back for more music and a bedtime song from Uncle Stephen, before running and getting cleaned up for bed. 

A Prayer before we headed off to camp