July 29, 2018 

I was in the parade

We got to church this morning and ran through practice (with only a small issue of Windows needing to update…) and then it was time for church after an amazing breakfast that the Reviers made. We opened with God’s not Dead by the Newsboys, and as soon as we finished, Kurt got up and left after saying some not so nice profanities. We finished church (with Susan recording almost the entire service) and then cleaned up afterwards. We went home, had a quick lunch, and then Jana, Tevia and I all went back in to town, so that they could watch the parade and I could walk with Harvest Church and their float. After that, we went over to Grandpa and Nana’s and talked with them for awhile before Dad took us waterskiing. The rope got caught in the motor and broke, but we still had a good time before coming home and saying hi to Mom, and then I started cleaning and getting packed for camp (I leave tomorrow around 2:30).

I got style