July 27, 2018 

Kermit and MYF 

Mom was working today, so I got to sleep in awhile before going upstairs and doing morning devotions with Dad and Jana. After that, we made a plan for the day, and then I went and got all cleaned up before going over to Kratzke’s to pick yellow beans and get 6 haybales. We went to the camp (and found a lost staff member on the Vergas trails who had been trying to get back to camp for an hour and a half) before I brought Jana home, then brought her back to camp. I mowed the lawn at our house, and weed whipped everything, and made it all look nice, and then Dad and Jana and Tevia all got back and then I went with Dad to empty trash at the camp before going to the church to setup for practice tomorrow. I think as soon I’m 18 I’m gonna go to a different church because people at our church are really stubborn and set in their ways. Anyway, after I finished getting as setup as I could, I went over to Ben’s for MYF movie night, and we made hotdogs over the campfire, and then Johnna and Bradly and Janessa and Kylie and Tobias all came and we watched War Room after playing a couple games outside. I drove home after the movie, and the car was being funky and not really acting quite normal but I figured it was fine and just went home. I did my journal when I got home and then slept good before work tomorrow morning.

Now it's time for scary stories with Kermit