July 26, 2018 


Today started differently… I DIDN’T WAKE UP! Just kidding, I did. I went for a run, and then I messed around a little before we all went into town for haircuts! Well, Mom and I. Jana came but she wasn’t getting a haircut. We went to a place that Caleb had suggested to me, and she only took like 45 seconds to cut my hair, and then we went to the Mexican place where the DQ used to be. After lunch, we went to Walmart and I got some hair gel… heheh.  We ran into Jess and Rhonda, and talked to them for awhile (NOBODY EVER COMMENTS ON MY NEW HAIRCUTS AND I DON’T LIKE IT) and then we went and visited aunt Helen before going home. Mom took Jana to work, and then I went over to Grandpa and Nana’s to have dinner, and hung out over there until I had to go pick up Jana from work. I took her up to the church for Girl’s group with Janessa, and then while she was doing that I went into town for more DQ with Ben, and we also went to Walmart again and got stuff for MYF tomorrow. We came back to the church, and then Jana and I went home and went to bed. I slept really really good.