July 24, 2018 

Nana's Birthday 

Today was a bit of a special day… it was Nana’s Birthday!!!! We got up this morning and had breakfast before having morning devotions, and then Jana and I did chores around the house until about noon, when I got stuck on the phone for about a half hour with Apple tech support, who are some of the best support people I’ve ever talked to. After Mom got home from town with Ruby, we went over to Grandpa and Nana’s where we wished Nana a happy birthday and then I went and cut some branches for her so that she could see the lake better. We hung out over there until we got a text that Dad had just gotten a baby puppy. We ran home with Grandpa and she was the most adorable thing ever. We named her Gimli and got a bed for her setup, before going with Grandpa to music in the park in Detroit Lakes. The music was okay, and then we stopped by A&W on the way home to get some floats. I played with Gimli for awhile longer before going to bed, as my computers were doing updates.