July 21, 2018 

Anthem Lights

This morning I got up and drove to work. It was pretty busy at Country Kitchen, and I worked until almost 3pm. After I finished work, I had a chicken tender basket for lunch, and then I drove up to Strawberry Lake and so that I could change and pick up Bradly. We came back into town and I got gas at Holiday (I even used a 7¢ off coupon) before going out to Hopefest. We all hung out there, and then after seeing We Are Vessel play again, I had to run to Frazee to pick up Jana from work, and then I came back. At 9pm, Anthem Lights were up and they were AMAZING. They did a bunch of their mashups, and then as soon as they were done, Kylie and I went through and got pictures with them, and then we went through at the very end again with our entire group. After pictures, we went home and went to bed.

us with Anthem Lights after the show