July 20, 2018 

Citizen Way 

 I woke up this morning, and rolled out of bed. I got ready for work, and then went in and met Janessa for breakfast before I worked, and then worked super hard until 3pm. After I was done with work, I went over to Leighton Broadcasting because I had won 2 free Hopefest tickets, and then I went to the library and did some stuffs on my computer there. As soon as it got close to 5pm, I went out to the Hopefest area and got parked, and then went and found Ben and we went in and got food and then Janessa showed up and then everyone showed up. We were just chilling and then I saw two dudes who looked oddly familiar; long story short, they were two of the guys from Citizen Way, the biggest band that was playing there tonight. We got pictures with them, and then we rocked out with We Are Vessle, and then we got pictures with them and then we waited for Citizen Way, and when they finally played, it was AMAZING. They did all my favorite songs, and then at the end, the lead singer jumped into the crowd during the song Bulletproof and I helped catch him and it was amazing. We ran up after the show to get pictures and autographs, and then I went home and had some dinner and a nice shower before going to bed.

us with the band, We Are Vessle

Guitarist and Drummer from Citizen Way

Lead Singer from Citizen Way