July 18, 2018 

Another day in the life

Today started as any other day, with me waking up and then doing some chores like building a bench and watering some apple trees. After I finished that, I rested for a little until Dad and the girls got home with some of my favorite camp food, fried chicken things. They're like giant chicken nuggets and I love them. After I ate, I took some food pictures because I had watched a video on food photography, and then I brought Jana to work. I dropped her off, and then I went and explored the back roads behind Spanky's restaurant. I saw a baby deer, and then I went over to Grandpa and Nana's where Dad took me waterskiing before we pulled out the boat and I went to youth group. Youth group was really fun, and Shane was there playing keys with us, and then afterwards I went home and went to bed.